LDCRE is the largest Commercial Real Estate Listing Distribution Platform in the world

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Leavitt Digital (LDCRE) is a free Commercial Real Estate Listing Distribution Platform, disseminating CRE Listings to 500 news websites around the globe.

LDCRE enables brokers and owners to increase local and global reach on listings through LDCRE’s national and international listing syndication platform into city based news websites. Leverage LDCRE’s market reach to increase your listings and sales. LDCRE is entirely free to list and search commercial real estate for sale and commercial real estate for lease.

LDCRE’s Market Reach LDCRE forged a partnership with Geocentric Media, where LDCRE’s listings power the Commercial Real Estate sections throughout all of Geocentric Media’s news websites. LDCRE’s listing syndication powers the Commercial Real Estate sections in 500 news websites.

All listings added to LDCRE are posted to LDCRE’s general listing platform and syndicated to 500 news websites allowing listing agents to drastically increase local and global market reach. This platform is open and unrestricted to all parties searching listings.

Advanced Listing Search & Notification Platform

Direct investors can register with LDCRE Investments and utilize proprietary listing search and notification process to sort through over 100,000 listings from 6,000 brokerage firms. Save investment specifications & receive notification emails for continual investment strategy, or design investment criteria for a one time acquisition and identify your investment up-leg in a 1031 exchange.

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Listing Your Properties

Listing Your Properties LDCRE enables clients to add their listings in 1 of 2 ways

Single Entry

Manually enter one listing at a time via LDCRE.com

API Connection

Use the LDCRE via API to connect through your website or third-party CRM.