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Land for sale is appealing to developers and land speculators alike. Raw land for sale, zoned land for sale, entitled land for sale, and PUD land for sale (Planned Unit Development), rural land for sale, and infill land for sale are different types of land investments and the risks are slightly different for each type and location. Investing in land is typically considered a long-term investment. Arranging a loan on land can be a little challenging as most traditional lending sources have pulled away from financing land purchases unless the buyer has a strong balance sheet. Purchasing land and rezoning it for commercial or high-density developments can be very lucrative, but there are challenges and costs to achieving those goals. Before purchasing land it is a good idea to speak with the economic development division of the municipality in which the land is located and run your ideas by them. Support, or lack of support by the local government can make, or break the value enhancement in land.

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