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Commercial Real Estate Finance

LDCRE has partnered with StackSource to offer LDCRE users a simplified solution for shopping loan request to hundreds of lenders via one easy to use portal. Create a loan package with assistance, the loan request is then sent to lenders, receive offers, and a side-by-side comparison of loan offers. Leverage the platform and its market reach to get the best loans available for your properties.

  • Find the most competitive loan offers
  • Easily compare and analyze offers
  • Lower transparent fees
  • Single point of contact
  • One simple online loan request
  • Experienced borrower advocate

New Development

Get competitive offers from banks and private lenders for your construction loan.


Raise capital to maximize the value of your commercial asset from simple rehab to a full repositioning.


Connect to lenders with the flexibility you need to get your deal done.


Find the best rate by comparing commercial property refinance loans from multiple lenders.

Our Commercial Real Estate Loan Products


Banks have long been a staple of the commercial mortgage market. They are competitive for many cash-flowing loan scenarios as well as for construction for strong borrowers.

Loan Amount: Up to $5 Million
Typical Term: 5, 7, or 10 year
Interest Rates: 4% - 6%
Non-Recourse: Available

Credit Unions

Credit Unions don't get the same star treatment as their Bank counterparts, but are often a very strong option for local commercial real estate, if not for larger institutional projects.

Loan Amount: Up to $5 Million
Typical Term: 5, 7, or 10 year
Interest Rates: 4% - 6%
Non-Recourse: Available

Fannie Mae Multifamily

Fannie Mae is a government-sponsored entity that supplies Multifamily loans through its various lending programs. One of the most popular is their Small Loans program for loans up to $5 Million.

Loan Amount: $750,000 to $100 Million+
Typical Term: 5 - 30 years
Interest Rates: 4.49% - 5.8% (as of 4/23/2018)
Non-Recourse: Yes

Freddie Mac Multifamily

Freddie Mac is a government-sponsored entity that supplies Multiamily loans through multiple lending programs, including their Small Balance program for 5-50 unit communities up to $7.5 Million.

Loan Amount: $1 Million to $100 Million+
Typical Term: 5 - 10 years Fixed, up to 20 years Floating
Interest Rates: 3.95% - 6.08% (as of 4/17/2018)
Non-Recourse: Yes


CMBS lending is typically a fit for loans $3 Million or greater, on stabilized office, industrial, retail, hospitality, or multi-family assets. May not be the most fun, but very attractive numbers.

Loan Amount: $3 Million to $100 Million+
Typical Term: 5 or 10 years
Interest Rates: 3.5% - 5%
Non-Recourse: Yes

HUD/FHA Multifamily

HUD's multifamily loan programs have historically been difficult to obtain due to heavy paperwork, approvals, and long time-to-funding, but they represent an extremely stable long-term option.

Loan Amount: $4 Million to $100 Million+
Typical Term: 30 - 35 years
Interest Rates: 3.5% - 4.5%
Non-Recourse: Yes


SBA (Small Business Administration) real estate loans offer eligible small businesses long term financing with low down payments. The exact terms and rates of the loan will still vary from lender to lender.

Loan Amount: $250k - $14 Million
Typical Term: 5 - 25 years
Interest Rates: 4.5% - 6.5%
Non-Recourse: Yes

Private Debt Funds

There are more private lenders available for commercial real estate than at any other point before in history, and they bring a much more quick, flexible option to the market.

Loan Amount: $1 Million - $100 Million+
Typical Term: 1 - 3 years
Interest Rates: 7% - 10%+
Non-Recourse: Available

Life Insurance Companies

Life Insurance Co loans are coveted for their long-term, low fixed rates. These lenders prioritize very stable property loans from extremely experienced, reliable borrowers.

Loan Amount: $2 Million to $100 Million+
Typical Term: 5 - 15+ years
Interest Rates: 4% - 5.5%
Non-Recourse: Often

Crowd Funding

Crowd funding portals are the new kids on the block, and their offerings vary pretty widely. Via StackSource, they can provide bridge loans, mezz debt, and construction funds.

Loan Amount: Up to $3 Million
Typical Term: 1 - 3 years
Interest Rates: 9% - 12%+
Non-Recourse: Available

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