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Commercial real estate listing agents increase market reach on listings via LDCRE for free. All listings are posted in, syndicated to publishing partners, and emailed to LDCRE Investments’ registered investors seeking acquisitions matching listing criteria. LDCRE Investments acts as a referral agent and connects its registered investors to listings posted within LDCRE when its investors want to pursue a purchase. Take full credit for your deals on the street, while only paying a referral fee on closings and no upfront posting, or marketing fees.

Partner with us on the buy-side, commercial real estate agents and brokerage firms partner with us on the referral side and share in LDCRE Investments’ revenues. Majority of agents concentrate on the list side and don’t have adequate time to search for acquisitions for all of their clients. Partner with LDCRE Investments let us birddog investments for your clients while you share in all of the acquisition referral fees generated by your clients. Everyone has overlapping databases, the first agent to have an investor register with LDCRE Investments is tagged to that investor for the duration of that investor’s remaining active on LDCRE.

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For Commercial Real Estate Investors

Commercial real estate investors register with LDCRE Investments and utilize proprietary listing search and notification process, sorting through approximately 150,000 listings from 7,000+ brokerage firms. Save investment specifications & receive notification emails for continual investment strategy, or design investment criteria for a one-time acquisition and identify your investment up-leg in a 1031 exchange. LDCRE acts a referral broker working with the buyer on the front end, then connecting the buyer with the listing agent. LDCRE Investments is compensated via the listing agent as a referral fee, there is zero cost to its registered buyers.

Listing agents often will not cooperate with most buy-side brokers, as buy-side brokers typically seek 50% of the listing agent’s commission. LDCRE Investments seeks only a referral fee and LDCRE’s terms and conditions clearly state listing agents posting listings to LDCRE must be willing to cooperate with LDCRE Investments. Through LDCRE’s and LDCRE Investments combined technology and relationships with 7,000+ brokerage firms we can bring our registered more matching acquisitions with cooperating brokers than any other commercial real estate brokerage firm.

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