Promote Listings in Real-Time on Leavitt Digital via your own Website: LDCRE Launches API


LDCRE recently launched its API (Application Program Interface) allowing Commercial Real Estate brokerage firms to connect their inventory directly from their listing platform to Leavitt Digital’s listing platform. This enables CRE brokerage firms to market their listings for FREE on the largest open network, listing platform while saving hundreds of hours of data implementation and data management. Adding, editing, or deleting listings on a company’s website will have the same impact on Leavitt Digital.

Listings can be added to Leavitt Digital in one of two ways: manually, or via API Connection. Leavitt Digital’s API functions as a conduit, allowing Commercial Real Estate firms to communicate directly with Leavitt Digital.

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  • Promote Listings on the largest, Open Network FREE CRE Listing Platform
  • When adding listings on your website simply check a box to add to LDCRE
  • Enable brokers to quickly promote their listings, saving countless hours
  • Edit a Listing on your Site, edits flow to LDCRE via API Connection
  • Every listing has a link to broker’s website driving SEO to broker’s website
  • Increase online presence, link building, branding, market reach, and website traffic

Connecting to Leavitt Digital via API enables CRE firms to add For Sale/ For Lease CRE listings into Leavitt Digital when they enter the listings into their own website/ internal listing platform simply by checking a by box. This enables CRE firms to promote their listings on Leavitt Digital and implement edits directly from their own website. Leavitt Digital’s API will save brokers and support staff thousands of combined hours previously spend adding, editing and deleting listings from third party listing platforms. LDCRE’s Listing Distribution Platform syndicates all CRE listings within LDCRE to 500+ news websites around the globe increasing local and global market reach for listings and answering the age old question: “How do I reach more Commercial Real Estate Investors?

Leavitt Digital has partnered with a Commercial Insurance brokerage firm and Commercial Real Estate Fiancing group to expediate transactions and provide supportive services to Leavitt Digital’s commercial real estate network.

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