Building Bridges not Walls, the Future of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Technology (CRE Tech) firms have emerged addressing a number of industry challenges, which have long been accepted as normal. A few of the solutions are enhancing Customer Relationship Management (CRM), centralizing information sharing, simplifying the creation of marketing materials, increasing the quality of market data, and increasing market reach on offerings. Each CRE Tech Company offers beneficial solutions, but what is most important is the value these CRE Tech firms collectively offer to their clients.

By allowing clients to connect their account in one CRE Tech firm to their account in another CRE Tech Firm clients are able to enter their information once and have it disseminated in their accounts at connected CRE Tech Firms. The collaboration between the CRE Tech Firms enables direct connections between their websites, which are managed through a series of APIs (Application Programming Interface). Through these APIs the client may elect to disseminate information from one CRE Tech Firm to another. These API connections not only put an end to the double, triple, or quadruple entries that have long plagued the industry but also allow information to be updated in real-time over multiple platforms from the information’s point of origin. 

Here are a few CRE Tech Firms that are not only bettering everyday commercial real estate through the solutions they provide, but making life easier for their collective clients via interlinking their clients’ accounts over multiple platforms enabling clients with the ability to automatically push information from their account at one CRE Tech Firm to their account at another.

List of Cooperating CRE Tech Firms:


Apto is the leading web-based CRE software for managing contacts, properties, listings, and deals—anywhere, from any device. More than just a CRM, Apto streamlines the entire deal lifecycle, helping brokers win new business, build relationships, and close deals faster.

With integrations like Leavitt Digital, Apto helps brokers simplify their processes by eliminating dual entry and providing a clear, repeatable process to bring a listing to market. By automatically syncing important property, listing and contact information, brokers save time and effort, allowing them to spend more time on more important tasks required to close a deal.

Apto has always been focused on reducing inefficiencies for commercial real estate brokers so they can focus on growing their business,” Tanner McGraw, Founder of Apto. “The integration with LDCRE enables our users to quickly distribute their listings around the globe in minutes helping get broader exposure and attract more buyers.” Apto provides content in this way to Buildout, RCM,, and


Buildout is a web application for marketing commercial real estate. It produces and publishes custom materials and streamlines the entire property listing process. We’ve worked with companies across the country to develop an easy-to-use tool that will showcase your brand, save time, and grow your business.

“Our mutual customers get the most value when we, technology providers, work together to make our products integrate and share information seamlessly. Once information is in electronic form you should never have to enter it again.” Vishu Ramanathan, CEO of Buildout. Buildout receives data from ClientLook and Apto and pushes data to Leavitt Digital.


ClientLook is the industry’s most actively used commercial real estate CRM and features contact management, deal collaboration and pipeline tracking along with an integrated property module.

“Reducing data entry redundancy by connecting services through APIs is great, but it doesn’t alleviate the pain of having to enter data in the first place,” says ClientLook President & CEO Michael Griffin. “Our solution is to provide a team of Virtual Assistants to handle data entry for its subscribers. This benefit has proven to be one of the most distinguishing features of the ClientLook experience,” said Michael.

ClientLook provides integration with a number of other leading commercial real estate technology tools including, Buildout, and others.

Geocentric Media

Geocentric Media is the largest global media organization, which concentrates in owning/managing city and regional based websites. Geocentric Media owns and/or manages 500 city and regional based websites throughout the globe, with the bulk of them in the United States and expects to grow that to 2,000 websites by the close of 2019. Geocentric Media provides its millions of monthly visitors with local, national, and international news, entertainment and access residential and commercial real estate for lease/sale.

Geocentric Media’s commercial real estate listings are powered via Leavitt Digital. CEO Fred Mercaldo states: “Partnering with Leavitt Digital gives our network a comprehensive database of commercial real estate listings. City and geo related sites have always drawn high numbers of serious visitors looking for real estate information. Our sites continue to evolve into hyper local resources for everything happening within the city, and we expect our commercial real estate section to deliver massive traffic and results for Leavitt Digital.”

Leavitt Digital (LDCRE)

LDCRE is a free Commercial Real Estate Listing Distribution Platform increasing local and global market-reach for commercial real estate listings. LDCRE markets listings from 5,100+ CRE Brokerage Firms, across 32 countries, covering 9,000+ global cities. Brokers enter listings into LDCRE in one of two ways: manually on, or via API. LDCRE then disseminates all CRE listings to 500 news websites throughout the globe (Domestic & International). This enables a much greater local and global market reach for all listings, allowing listings to reach more investors, tenants and brokers through hundreds of news outlets in addition to LDCRE’s centralized Commercial Real Estate Listing Platform.

“When we (CRE Tech Firms) work together we are able to design and build products that better serve our clients. When clients can go to one of our platforms and enter information or updates that pass through to multiple websites, we are offering speed, accuracy, and efficiency,” Brendan Hotchkiss, CEO of Leavitt Digital (LDCRE).

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