Winterizing Commercial Properties

Contributing Author: Chris Cunningham

It’s that time of year again. Summer went by too fast, winter is approaching too soon, and you need to know what should be done to prepare commercial properties for the coming months of cold weather.

You want to protect your investment from damaging freezing cold temperatures and snowfall. Before any threat of Frost, sprinkler systems should be blown out professionally to prevent any stagnant water left in the pipes from freezing and cracking pipes. If you skip this step you will be spending big bucks for repairs in the spring.

Another fall project should be debris cleanup. A buildup of debris around your property can cause an array of issues. Gutters should be checked for debris and cleared if necessary. You don’t want saturated debris causing a clog or left behind to freeze.  When snow melt has nowhere to go, you could increase the risk of an ice dam forming as this can lead to damage to the gutters or create a roof leak. Debris should Also be cleared from shrub beds to prevent critters from nesting around the foundation. Not only is the debris unsightly, but when left behind, it can become a breeding ground for mold and fungus that can damage the shrubs in your commercial property landscaping.

Fall is also a good time to trim back shrubs that might require a heavy prune. Some shrubs can’t be pruned earlier in the year, like Hydrangea, Rose of Sharron, or other flowering shrubs. Before you trim Hydrangeas, be sure you know what type you have.  Some will flower on first year growth, others only flower on second year growth. This means if you cut too much off some Hydrangeas, they will not flower the next season.

After the task of removing all leaves and debris, give the lawn areas a final mow if needed.  Lawns left too high over winter create an environment friendly to certain mold and fungus that can damage your turf. Early Fall is also a great time to over-seed and fertilize grass as it is most responsive during moderate temperatures.

If you have Evergreens that deer like to eat, you can wrap them in deer net, or spray them with “liquid fence”.  Liquid fence is a deer repellent applied every 2 months starting in October, or November.  If you have many Evergreens, using liquid fence may be more economical than installing deer net.

Giving your property some TLC can prevent most problems caused by the damaging winter weather.  You’ll be glad you took these steps to protect your commercial investment when spring comes around…eventually.

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