Establishing the New Norm for Marketing CRE Listings

Marketing commercial real estate listings in the U.S. through third-party platforms first began with Black’s Guide in 1976, a catalog containing CRE listings in major metropolitan markets. LoopNet and Costar are credited for bringing CRE listings online.

Over the years a few CRE listing platforms have come and gone, but online listing platforms have remained fragmented and adverse to cooperation with each other.

The lack of cooperation between CRE listing platforms forces agents to either manually enter their listings into multiple platforms, or more likely pick one platform and hope for the best. This resulted in a tremendous amount of time wasted.

In recent years, we have seen things start to turn for the better. CRE based Customer Relationship Management platforms (CRM) and Buildout (CRE Marketing Platform) have come to the rescue of agents and brokerage firms to solve data management issues, including listing data management, listing marketing, and the syndication to listing services. Using these platforms, agents are able to syndicate commercial real estate listings to multiple listing platforms, minimizing fragmentation of the multiple CRE listing platforms, but not removing it completely.

In an effort to build a more cohesive CRE Listing ecosystem, QuantumListing and LDCRE have forged a syndication partnership. This means QuantumListing’s users can elect to syndicate their listings from QuantumListing’s CRE Listing Platform to LDCRE’s Listing Distribution Platform and LDCRE’s network of 500 news websites. This syndication partnership is at zero cost to QuantumListing’s users and makes it even easier to get your listings more exposure.

Brendan Hotchkiss, CEO and founder of LDCRE says about the new partnership: “LDCRE has partnerships with a number of CRE tech firms, but QuantumListing is the first CRE listing platform partnership for us. Our listing syndication partnership with QuantumListing is very significant to the CRE market as a whole, as it demonstrates the commercial real estate market is evolving from fragmented, closed-networks into cooperating partnerships between listing platforms to make the market more unified. This benefits the listing agents, property owners, agents representing tenants/investors, principals, and market as a whole. Five years ago two unrelated listing platforms would not consider a partnership of this sort, this symbolizes major changes in the marketplace.”

David Perlmutter, Founder and CEO of QuantumListing adds, “I was really pleased when Brendan Hotchkiss contacted me about syndicating our members’ listings to LDCRE, because our visions of CRE information availability are completely aligned. Our members benefit from the increased exposure they get from the visibility that LDCRE and its vast and growing network of local news sites provide. If you are an owner or broker, your primary concern is that other brokers, buyers and tenants find your listing at the right time. The commercial real estate community is moving toward openness because that is what the world has come to expect regarding all types of information. The rights of intellectual property owners are still inviolable, and no one should either be forced to give away their information for free if they don’t want, nor should they have the right to steal it. However, the most efficient markets are those that have information freely available to those on all sides of a transaction. We encourage our members to take advantage of the opportunity to leverage LDCRE’s distribution network, and get one step closer to the ideal of perfect CRE information.”

QuantumListing is a commercial real estate listing platform with a number of unique social and analytical tools for its users. QuantumListing connected its platform to LDCRE, allowing QuantumListing’s users to elect to syndicate listings to LDCRE and its network of 500 news websites.

LDCRE is a free commercial real estate listing distribution platform that works with 5,550+ commercial real estate brokerages, syndicating 100,000+ listings to 500 news websites. LDCRE’s listings cover 33 countries and 9,500+ markets.

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