Paul Cronin joins LDCRE as a Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets

Paul Cronin: LDCRE Head of Capital Markets

LDCRE is excited to welcome Paul Cronin to join its growing Commercial Real Estate MarketPlace. “Paul’s experience and thought process are a unique blend of entrepreneurial with formal lending experience from some of the top banks. It’s hard to find people that have that blend they are either one or the other, said Brendan Hotchkiss LDCRE CEO.

LDCRE streamlines commercial real estate acquisitions and financing via its MarketPlace which hosts over $1 Trillion in “for sale” Commercial Real Estate properties. Over 7,000 brokerage firms submit their listings to LDCRE.

Paul will head LDCRE’s Capital Markets team, which manages lender relationships, identifying new credit/investment opportunities, and transaction management on all financing engagements.

Most recently Paul was Executive Vice President and Head of Asset Based Lending & Restructuring at Santander Bank. Paul has held senior positions at Key Bank, First Niagara Financial Group, HSBC Bank, RBS Citizens, ABN AMRO Bank/LaSalle Bank, KPMG and EMO Oil. 

Education: Paul has a Masters in Finance from University College Dublin, D.P.A. Accounting & Finance from University College Dublin, and B.Comm, Finance from University College Dublin.

2018 CRE In the Rearview Mirror

Contributing Author: Jay Verro, CCIM

Wow, another year is coming to an end already! Time to start wrapping up year end closings, preparing for the holidays and looking ahead to 2019.

2018 proved to be the year of the Fed Rate Hikes! While rate hikes have been predicted for several years, they occurred this year. By comparison, the Fed Fund Rate was 1.0% in Q12017 and 1.5% in December 2017. In 2018, the first 3 quarters saw 0.25% increases with another 0.25% increase anticipated this month. It’s realistic that we’ll end 2018 at 2.5%. Many are forecasting another 0.5% increase in both 2019 and 2020, while others forecast a potential reversal in the continued upward rate trends.

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Start Using these 5 Tools to Grow Your Brand and Be More Productive

Contributing Author: Levi Steier

As a commercial real estate (CRE) broker or salesperson, you may operate as part of a group, however, you are also an independent contractor, and in many ways, operating your own business. This means you should be developing a marketing strategy of your own, in conjunction with your firm’s marketing plan, to help you grow your personal brand, get more listings, and become a leader in your market and/or area of specialization.

There are many great tools available to help business owners leverage technology, and this is equally true for marketing yourself, growing your brand, and measuring your efforts.

Here are some tools you might want to consider adding to your toolkit.

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Yield Curves, Interest Rates, Volatility Indexes, and the Impact on Net Lease Sector

Contributing Author: Sean O’Shea

There is a lot of discussion in a range of national publications, right now, to acknowledge that we may be in a new era for Investors.  The 10-Year Treasury Rates have moved past 3.0% for the first time since 2013.  The yield curve of 2 Year and 10 Year has rarely been this close.

So, we ask, “What are the implications for the net lease niche?”

I confess that I am one of the observers who can remember how ‘the music stopped’ in 2008-2009, when Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, AIG and other august financial institutions stopped trusting each other and the overnight lending mechanisms of the Repo Market which had come to a halt. Scary times that required the triage of QE by the Federal Reserve and forced mergers of a number of banks and financial institutions to attempt to salvage our economy. As seasoned Net Lease Advisors we not only witnessed this, but were in the middle of it. Continue reading Yield Curves, Interest Rates, Volatility Indexes, and the Impact on Net Lease Sector

Selling a Challenging Commercial Property

Contributing Author: Jay Verro, CCIM

In early April of 2017, I was invited to do a Listing Presentation for a 22 acre parcel of Light Industrial zoned land in Saratoga County, the fastest growing County of New York State. Sounds like a listing that most commercial brokers would jump all over, right? Let’s take a closer look at the marketing challenges that accompanied the property:

  • There are 2 parcels of land that lie within 2 different Townships.
  • A County Sewer Easement bisects both parcels in the most developable portion of the property and there are no current lateral connections that serve the existing structures on the parcels.
  • An electric transmission line crosses the western portion of the property with an approximately 60’ wide easement.
  • The property is terrain challenged and to physically get to the top of the property where there are the majority of the developable land requires an access easement from the neighbor to the south, who is also trying to sell.
  • A Class C protected trout stream winds through the property, which creates the need for a 100’ setback in addition to the additional wetlands that are on the parcels.
  • The permitting and approval process would require coordination among no less than 6 State, Town and County Agencies as well as Utility companies.
  • Without the significant expense of adding a bridge to traverse the stream, the result was approximately 2 acres of developable land out of the 22 total acres.

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Looking for CRE Contributing Authors in the top 50 MSAs

Are you a CRE Expert in your market? Are you interested in being a contributing author for LDCRE covering CRE News in your market? Your columns would be posted in LDCRE’s News and upwards of 500+ news websites around the world. What better way to show clients you are THE MARKET EXPERT than being the point person for CRE news in your market for LDCRE its syndicated network of 500+ news websites.

Benefits to Contributing Authors:

  • Free PR on LDCRE and upwards of 500+ news websites.
  • Your contact information and linked website will be posted in every article you write, in every website where the article is posted.
  • Each article will deliver hundreds of links back to your website.

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Spotlight Interview: Vishu Ramanathan/ CEO, Buildout Inc.

LDCRE is pleased to announce its listing syndication partnership with Buildout! Buildout is a Commercial Real Estate marketing and document creation platform designed to unburden commercial real estate brokers of much of the administrative work that goes into creating marketing materials and listing properties on the broker’s website, as well as on third party websites. This partnership enables Buildout clients to easily post their listings and updates on LDCRE’s Free Commercial Real Estate Listing Distribution Platform via Buildout.


LD: What career path did you want to take when you were in college?

VR: I wasn’t a career-oriented kid. I wanted to hang out and play in a band. I studied physics in college because I liked physics, not because I thought it would get me a job. Continue reading Spotlight Interview: Vishu Ramanathan/ CEO, Buildout Inc.

Let’s Talk About Why Your Listing isn’t seeing any Traction…

bc37642d484dacb6984a7d83056940c3The listing is solid, but the traction is light, sound familiar? Obviously, the main reason brokers post listings are to sell, or lease properties. Sometimes the listing side does not think about the buying side when they post a listing for lease or for sale. People want all the major specs on the offering before they look into it. If you are leaving out most of the specs (Price, Cap Rate, Location, a Picture), or have “Contact us for more information” posted, you are going to see interest drop of, as people tend to assume the worse and/or that it’s over priced.

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