LDCRE included in National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) published list of “Commercial Data & Listing Resources”

NAR recently compiled a list of third party commercial real estate technology companies that offer commercial real estate listing services, email marketing, and research as third party tools for NAR’s commercial real estate members. The Lists can be viewed at: Commercial Data & Listing Sources (NAR)

  • Listing Platform Services (LDCRE is listed)
  • Research Property Data (LDCRE is listed)
  • Marketing/Email Blast Services
  • Commercial Information Exchange/Commercial MLS Providers (LDCRE is listed)

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Spotlight Interview: Fred Mercaldo, CEO & Partner at Geocentric Media

LDCRE Interview with Fred Mercaldo, Founder and CEO of Geocentric Media.
Geocentric Media is the largest owner and manager of city-based websites throughout the world. LDCRE provides commercial real estate listings to all of Geocentric Media’s 900+ city and regional based websites. Fred and his team develop all their own websites, create and integrate relevant content for each of these websites throughout 900 markets while providing a number of services to businesses and consumers in each of their markets.

LD: I know you initially entered the geo-domain space (websites with city, state, regional, or country based URLs) with the acquisition of Scottsdale.com. Scottsdale is a well-known city, and one of the top travel and golf destinations, it is obviously a great website. But what made you recognize it was a great investment, what did you see beyond what it was? Continue reading Spotlight Interview: Fred Mercaldo, CEO & Partner at Geocentric Media

The Coldwell Banker Commercial® organization & CENTURY 21 Commercial® connect commercial listings to LDCRE to increase local and global market reach

LDCRE’s global listing syndication enables Coldwell Banker Commercial® and CENTURY 21® domestic and international offices, agents and listings to enhance local and global marketing through news websites around the globe.

For more information on Coldwell Banker Commercial or CENTURY 21 Commercial, visit: cbcworldwide.com or https://commercial.century21.com

Search $70+ Billion in commercial Real Estate for Sale and hundreds of million of square feet for lease across 6,550 global cities and 27 countries on LDCRE.com.

Interview originally appeared in LDCRE Commercial Real Estate News

Spotlight Interview: Vishu Ramanathan/ CEO, Buildout Inc.

LDCRE is happy to announce its listing syndication partnership with Buildout! Buildout is a Commercial Real Estate marketing and document creation platform designed to unburden commercial real estate brokers of much of the administrative work that goes into creating marketing materials and listing properties on the broker’s website, as well as on third party websites. This partnership enables Buildout clients to easily post their listings and updates on LDCRE’s Free Commercial Real Estate Listing Distribution Platform via Buildout.


LD: What career path did you want to take when you were in college?

VR: I wasn’t a career-oriented kid. I wanted to hang out and play in a band. I studied physics in college because I liked physics, not because I thought it would get me a job. Continue reading Spotlight Interview: Vishu Ramanathan/ CEO, Buildout Inc.

Buildout and LDCRE (Leavitt Digital) Forge Strategic Syndication Partnership


Buildout and LDCRE’s partnership enables Buildout clients to increase their local and global reach via LDCRE’s listing platform and listing distribution network of 900+ News Websites throughout the world, growing to 2,000 News Websites over the next 24 months. This partnership allows commercial real estate professionals to increase the local and global market reach on their respective listings, while increasing the ease and accessibility of accurate commercial real estate listings to parties all over the world.

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Let’s Talk About Why Your Listing isn’t seeing any Traction…



The listing is solid, but the traction is light, sound familiar? Obviously, the main reason brokers post listings are to sell, or lease properties. Sometimes the listing side does not think about the buying side when they post a listing for lease or for sale on www.LDCRE.com, or one of the other CRE listing platforms. People want all the major specs on the offering before they look into it. If you are leaving out most of the specs, or have “Contact us for more information” posted, you are going to see interest drop of, as people tend to assume the worse and/or that it’s over priced.

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Increase your Commercial Real Estate Firm’s Bottom-line with 8 Simple Tasks

Leavitt Digital conducted surveys on 300+ Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firms’ websites and online presence. Majority of commercial real estate firms have antiquated websites, no online marketing plan, and no SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan in place. The place I order my pizza from every Friday night for $23.95 invests more time and money into its website, online marketing and SEO than many brokerage firms that have 100+ listings priced well beyond a thousand pizzas. Why is that? Why does the company selling $20 items invest more time and money to increase sales than the company selling multi-million dollar properties? If a company is able to gain more listings, represent more tenants, and find few more buyers by bettering its online presence, gaining an edge on competition, and significantly increasing its bottom line why wouldn’t they?

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Leavitt Digital Surpasses $1 Billion in Commercial Real Estate Listings Within First 90 Days of Launching Free Commercial Real Estate Listing Platform

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.02.37 AM

Leavitt Digital, a commercial real estate marketing company recently launched its proprietary, FREE commercial listing and search platform.  “Within 90 days of launching Leavitt Digital’s Free Listing Platform we have accumulated over One Billion Dollars in commercial real estate listings from major brokerage firms around the country,” said Brendan Hotchkiss, Founder and CEO.

Hotchkiss has been in commercial real estate for close to 15 years and used other commercial listing platforms and grew tired of their never ending rate hikes and limitations. “I felt the fees to use the other platforms were outrageous, so I used the limited, free version of their platform. On the limited, free version you can only see deals that are 30 days old and passed over by all the premium members.  So, I was seeing shopped deals that have been passed over by all the premium members for at least 30 days.  Applying this logic to the list side- why would you want to list on a platform that charges you and limits your listings exposure?  It didn’t make sense to our team, so we decided to create an entirely free platform that allows everyone to view all listings immediately upon posting.

Unlike paid listing platforms, that only offer the ability to list assets for sale and for lease, Leavitt Digital offers the ability to list assets for sale, for lease, seeking debt, seeking equity, and loans for sale.  The only existing platforms to connecting commercial real estate borrowers/ sponsors with debt and equity are either designed for institutional clients, or for crowd-funding deals and those all cost the sponsor a fortune to utilize. Having a background in real estate investment banking Hotchkiss felt it was necessary to implement both a debt and equity listing platform into Leavitt Digital’s Free Listing Platform.

Leavitt Digital has been asked a number of times when it plans to convert to a paid listing platform and the answer is NEVER.  Leavitt Digital generates revenues from its other platforms: Local Search Engine Optimization and Review Monitoring for Commercial Real Estate, Organic Search Engine Optimization for Commercial Real Estate, and Press Release Distribution.  According to Hotchkiss “We have no interest in converting Leavitt Digital’s Free Commercial Listing Platform to a paid listing platform, not now, not ever. Leavitt Digital is not a publicly traded company catering to shareholder interests; we rolled out this platform to increase market connectivity and have a positive impact on the commercial real estate industry.”

Listings can be added on Leavitt Digital manually (one at a time) via Leavitt Digital’s client dashboard, or multiple listings can be added via Leavitt Digital’s bulk listing template available upon request.  Please contact Leavitt Digital for any additional information: info@ldcre.com

How does the market know you’re awesome?

Your Company is closing deals (acquisitions, dispositions, development, sales, leasing, finance, etc.), but how does anyone other than the 20 people that saw your LinkedIn post, or Twitter post know that your company is doing a great job?

Nobody likes braggers, but people always like a good press release that focuses on market transactions and market news.  Leavitt Digital works with its commercial real estate clients to design a press release that captures their success and elevate their company in a crowded market space.  Let us tell the world about your story and successes; Leavitt Digital’s Press Release Distribution reaches 5,500+ websites, hundreds of CRE journalists, and provides custom analytics for its clients to measure each press releases success/ market reach.

There is no better way to elevate your status in the market than by letting the market know you are closing deals on a continual basis. Leavitt Digital’s Press Release Distribution Platform are sold as an annual Press Release Distribution Package with either a biweekly or monthly distribution, custom packages can be designed for additional distributions.

Leavitt Digital’s Press Releases contain the text press release, photo, logo, company’s home page URL, etc. Press Releases do more than tell the market of your companies recent accomplishments. Every press release puts out hundreds, if not thousands additional links to your company’s homepage (website). This is a steady traffic driver to increase website traffic. As Leavitt Digital CEO Brendan Hotchkiss explains it, “The more roads that lead to your store, the higher your sales will be.”

To learn more about Leavitt Digital’s Press Release Distribution Platform please contact us.

~The Leavitt Digital Team

What’s the Deal with Leavitt Digital’s Free Commercial Real Estate Search and Listing Platform?

We’ve all used paid listing/ search platforms for CRE in the past. Some of us have paid to list and/or paid to search, while others used the free platform that allow for viewing of all the ugly duckling assets that have been shopped for 60 days that no one wants to buy.

This has been the system ever since Black’s Guide closed their doors.  Do you remember Black’s Guide? It may seem like a million years ago, but Black’s Guide closed their doors on July 9, 2010. At one point almost every person in commercial real estate had at least one Black’s Guide asset/ broker directory on the corner of their desk.

The fall of Black’s Guide, was much more than just a company closing its doors; it showed that the CRE industry was ready to embrace technology (to some degree). The fall of Black’s Guide can be attributed to a handful of paid CRE listing platforms that were able to connect people, deals, and assets from across the globe, all through a few websites. As these paid listing platforms increased their data, their traffic, and their market dominance their pricing began getting more and more aggressive. It’s like the after school special showing the dealer offering the first drug for free, then he hooks a new client and all of sudden they are paying a huge premium. These paid listing services are now charging small brokerage companies in the neighborhood of $40,000 per year to upwards of $250,000+ per year for some of the medium to larger brokerage companies.

Not one brokerage company that we spoke with felt happy about the arrangement; they viewed it as a necessary evil. In addition to the high costs, we found it very unusual that these platforms do not allow their users to seek out debt and/or equity infusion. No deal gets done without money.

In response to the overwhelming market frustration, Leavitt Digital launched a free CRE listing and Search platform that allows owners, developers, brokers, and all CRE professionals to list and search assets for sale, lease, seeking equity, debt, and loans for sale.

In addition to addressing the high cost of the existing CRE listing and search platforms by offering its free platform, Leavitt Digital also aimed to address the disconnect of capital between investors/ lenders and developments, acquisitions, recapitalizations, etc. Leavitt Digital designed its platform, so developments and existing assets can be listed to seek new debt and equity infusion, unlike existing paid listing platforms that mainly focus on lease and sale listings.

“We just launched Leavitt Digital’s Free Search and Listing Platform and within days we had approximately $500,000,000 in listings. We estimate we will have over $1 Billion of listings within the first 60 days and expect to grow by multiples on a monthly basis from that point on,” said Brendan Hotchkiss Leavitt Digital’s CEO. “We have received very positive feedback from the market, they are all sick and tired of throwing large amounts of money at these paid listing platforms that simply serve as a starting place, rather than a problem solver.” Leavitt Digital is currently working with a number of national and regional brokerage companies to implement all their listings into Leavitt Digital’s platform.

Hotchkiss said that Leavitt Digital has no intentions of converting from free to paid listing/ search platform. “We created this because we were tired of paying to use these paid sites. To convert from a free to a paid listing site would’t make much sense, as we would then consider ourselves to be part of the problem we set out to fix.”

To learn more about Leavitt Digital’s Free Listing Platform, or its additional CRE technology products visit www.ldcre.com or contact Leavitt Digital.

~The Leavitt Digital Team

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