Spotlight Interview: Vishu Ramanathan/ CEO, Buildout Inc.

LDCRE is happy to announce its listing syndication partnership with Buildout! Buildout is a Commercial Real Estate marketing and document creation platform designed to unburden commercial real estate brokers of much of the administrative work that goes into creating marketing materials and listing properties on the broker’s website, as well as on third party websites. This partnership enables Buildout clients to easily post their listings and updates on LDCRE’s Free Commercial Real Estate Listing Distribution Platform via Buildout.


LD: What career path did you want to take when you were in college?

VR: I wasn’t a career-oriented kid. I wanted to hang out and play in a band. I studied physics in college because I liked physics, not because I thought it would get me a job. Continue reading Spotlight Interview: Vishu Ramanathan/ CEO, Buildout Inc.

Let’s Talk About Why Your Listing isn’t seeing any Traction…



The listing is solid, but the traction is light, sound familiar? Obviously, the main reason brokers post listings are to sell, or lease properties. Sometimes the listing side does not think about the buying side when they post a listing for lease or for sale on, or one of the other CRE listing platforms. People want all the major specs on the offering before they look into it. If you are leaving out most of the specs, or have “Contact us for more information” posted, you are going to see interest drop of, as people tend to assume the worse and/or that it’s over priced.

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Increase your Commercial Real Estate Firm’s Bottom-line with 8 Simple Tasks

Leavitt Digital conducted surveys on 300+ Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firms’ websites and online presence. Majority of commercial real estate firms have antiquated websites, no online marketing plan, and no SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan in place. The place I order my pizza from every Friday night for $23.95 invests more time and money into its website, online marketing and SEO than many brokerage firms that have 100+ listings priced well beyond a thousand pizzas. Why is that? Why does the company selling $20 items invest more time and money to increase sales than the company selling multi-million dollar properties? If a company is able to gain more listings, represent more tenants, and find few more buyers by bettering its online presence, gaining an edge on competition, and significantly increasing its bottom line why wouldn’t they?

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Why is SEO important for Commercial Real Estate Companies?

The Commercial Real Estate Industry has always been a slow adaptor to technology, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to realize that the average commercial real estate company has an online presence score of 32% over the top 50 websites and search engines that have the greatest impact on Commercial Real Estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Leavitt Digital ran analytical reports on 250  commercial real estate companies and and assets (Apartments, Senior Living, Self Storage, Hotels, etc.) and the average visibility score over the 250 companies/ assets was 32%. Every one of these companies/ assets had a fair amount of incorrect and/or missing information: wrong company name, phone, address, no website link, logo, company overview, correct hours, etc.

By having a lack of correct, enhanced, and consistent data counts against a company or asset’s SEO and page rankings on major search engines. Leavitt Digital works with its CRE clients to increase their online presence on 500+ websites, mobile applications, local directories, and GPS systems. By doing this Leavitt Digital corrects, enhances, and brings consistency to company and asset’s online presence increasing their page rankings and SEO.

Increasing your Company’s online presence, SEO, and page rankings on major search engines you will increase your company’s website traffic and market reach allowing more clients, tenants, and opportunities to find you. Increasing your SEO will help increase your bottom line.

To learn more about your company or assets’ online optimization and receive a free optimization report please contact Leavitt Digital.

~The Leavitt Digital Team


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